The Origins of Halloween

From the origins of Halloween to our obsession with vampire stories, Utne Reader brings you a collection of histories and tales for the spookiest of holidays.

Healing From War Trauma Through Nature

By Stephanie Westlund

How some veterans with war trauma are turning to farming and animals to recover and reintegrate themselves into civilian life.

More Roads, More Traffic Jams

By Soli Salgado

With California’s freeway expansion failing to reduce travel times, economists look to other countries for rush-hour alternatives.

Life in an Intentional Community

By Douglas Stevenson

Douglas Stevenson, a former hippie, recalls moving into one of the largest intentional communities in the country and adjusting to farm life.


Community Leaders Looking Forward to PeopleForBikes 2015 Tours

By Jay Walljasper

PeopleForBikes trips through Denmark and the Netherlands will offer practical lessons on improving bicycle systems to help cities thrive.

Capacity Building Through Common Land

By Heather Menzies

More communities are returning to common land practices for capacity building and as a way to create a connection with the earth and with each other.

Spinning a Yarn: Maritime History in the Age of Sail

By Marcus Rediker

Common sailors had their own ways of recording maritime history during the Age of Sail, in colorful and surprisingly practical yarns.

Does the Use of Information Technology in Education Encourage Cheating?

By Elizabeth Losh

Student-created videos demonstrating cheating techniques imitate the use of information technology in education—and offer ways to analyze the culture of digital media in education.

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