Animals and Inmates: Symbiosis and Redemption

By Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

How a prison animal training program is successfully curbing criminal behavior.

Prison Madness

By Adam Hochschild, from Lessons from a Dark Time

Looking to Finland for a lesson in humane imprisonment.

The Hidden Wisdom of the Clothesline

By Jeri Reilly, from Dark Mountain

What one can learn from the simple task of hanging out the wash.

The Intersection of Bicycling and Social Justice

By Adonia E. Lugo  

Issues of race and environmental justice are deeply relevant to bicycle culture.


Arrival Stories of Deported Americans

By Beth C. Caldwell

Imagine living in the United States for nearly your entire life, only to be dropped across the border one day.

How a Florida Beach Town Changed How We Live

By Jay Walljasper

Twelve ways that Seaside, Florida—best known as the setting of the Truman Show—revolutionized how we think about cities.

Ending the Gendered Division of Labor in the Home

By Amy Westervelt

Fostering equality in the home starts with education and practice.

Why Can’t Everyone Have a Home

by Chris Winters, from Yes! Magazine

People are looking beyond traditional boundaries to find housing that works for them.

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