How to Prevent Pedestrian Fatalities

By Jay Walljasper

The Swedish approach to traffic safety might be one way to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities.

A New Definition of Old for Baby Boomer Generation

By Beth Baker

Figuring out how to live independently is one of the many challenges facing the aging baby boomer generation.

Sounding the Climate Alarm

by Katie Moore

Over 310,000 people filled the streets for the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sept. 21, 2014. Freelance reporter/photographer Katie Moore was there and filed this report.

Becoming a Good Father

By Roger Porter, from Rad Dad

Learning how to be a father who won't leave.


Visualizing Inequality

By Katie Moore

Mapping projects that examine income inequality may help efforts to close the gap.

American Cities Beginning to Embrace Pedestrian Safety

By Jay Walljasper

More than 4,500 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles every year on the streets of America.

Equal Opportunity Employers

By Katie Moore

New employment opportunities for the disadvantaged and the disabled are seeing success.

One Nation Under SWAT

by Matthew Harwood, from TomDispatch

How the excessive militarization of the police is turning cops into counterinsurgents.

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