Coexistence in Berlin

By Katie Moore

The House of One will provide a space for prayer and dialogue between the world's religions.

Caught on Camera

By Katie Moore

Recording police interactions leads to better accountability for all parties involved.

Government Crackdown on Innovative Seed Library

By Jay Walljasper

Small town library's plans to loan seeds raises concerns about "agri-terrorism"

Demolition Symbolizes City’s Downfalls

By Katie Moore

The battle for 5 Pointz embodies the value we put on gentrification and public art.


The End of the Generational Alphabet

By Katie Moore

Generation Z possesses unprecedented attributes.

Why Trails are America's New Town Squares

By Jay Walljasper

Where we meet to walk, talk, and play.

Interview: Activist Cecily McMillan

By Katie Moore

Utne Reader recently spoke with 25-year old activist Cecily McMillan, who was released from jail earlier this month after being convicted of assaulting a police officer at a 2012 protest.

It’s a Sign

By Katie Moore

An art project collecting signs from homeless people raises awareness.

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