There’s No Place Like Home

By Katie Moore

New Strategies Tackle Chronic Homelessness.

Why I Love White People

By Samantha Irby

Until the age of seven, comedian Samantha Irby had not realized that “she wasn’t white.” Her love affair with examining the oddities of white people has continued ever since.

Artivism: Cultivating Cooperation

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference by helping to establish cooperatives.

Artivism: Picture Perfect

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference in the world through Pablove Foundation's Shutterbugs program.


TV as Birth Control: Defusing the Population Bomb

By Fred Pearce, from Conservation

The popularity of soap operas seems to be defusing the population bomb in developing countries, and could be a useful tool for social change.

Toxic Twitter Wars: Intersectionality and Online Feminism

By Michelle Goldberg, from The Nation

In the Twitter world, online feminism can result in endless finger-pointing, but it's important to remain steadfast and convicted when discussing women's rights and instersectionality.

Artivism: Peace Through Compassionate Humanity

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference by promoting peace through compassionate humanity.

Political Personality: A Woman's Guide on How to Win a Campaign

By Rebecca Sive

This self-test will help decide if you have the political personality it takes to run for office and win your campaign.