Artivism: Multiplying the Good Vibration

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference by leading a life based in compassion.

LooRewards Brings Sanitary Toilets to India

by Trinica Sampson

Meet the “PoopGuy” bringing sanitation to the urban poor in India.

Artivism: Recycle, Rewear

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference with hand-crafted leather works from repurposed materials.

Escaping the Trap of Youth Violence

By John McCullough as told to Stefanie Jackson-Haskin

Born and raised in Chicago, John McCullough, submerged in a culture of youth violence, was shot and incarcerated on numerous occasions.


48 Hours to Hack the Future

by Trinica Sampson

How one program is reimagining the future of a city with urban technology.

Artivism: Cycling for Safer Routes

by Utne Reader Staff

Volunteering for bikers of the future.

Artivism: The Venus Project

by Utne Reader Staff

A reader taps into the radical eco-activism movement through the Venus Project

Swear Off Your Smartphone and Save Lives

by Trinica Sampson

The UNICEF Tap Project encourages smartphone users to put down their phones to save a child’s life.