Hop On, Wash Off

By Katie Moore

A refurbished bus provides mobile showers for the homeless.

The Collective Memory of Migrant Workers

By Saúl Sánchez

Collective memory helps create, and maintain, identity among a community of migrant workers.

Artivism: Make Your Own Children's Book

by Utne Reader staff

Artist Robert Trujillo makes a difference in the world around him by self-publishing his own children's book.

The Commons Call to Revise Private Property Rights

By David Bollier

The commons call for a different paradigm of social and moral order, escaping from the oppression and coercion that often comes with certain private property rights.


There’s No Place Like Home

By Katie Moore

New Strategies Tackle Chronic Homelessness.

Why I Love White People

By Samantha Irby

Until the age of seven, comedian Samantha Irby had not realized that “she wasn’t white.” Her love affair with examining the oddities of white people has continued ever since.

Artivism: Cultivating Cooperation

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference by helping to establish cooperatives.

Artivism: Picture Perfect

by Utne Reader staff

Making a difference in the world through Pablove Foundation's Shutterbugs program.

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