An Unfinished Revolution

by Sam Ross-Brown

A lifelong activist reflects on the '60s and the future of social justice.


by Suzanne Lindgren

Five fun ways to prepare for climate change

Healing Through Action

By Shannon Wianecki, from Spirituality & Health

Distressed by the potential impacts of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Mary Pipher began healing through action when she founded the Grandmothers Apple Pie Brigade.

Teach Kids to Heal the Earth

by Mark Morey, from Permaculture Activist

To mend our culture and heal the earth, we must teach kids to learn from nature through careful mentorship.


Free Houses for Writers: The Rise of Detroit’s Literary Community

by Trinica Sampson

How one nonprofit organization plans to revitalize Detroit’s neighborhoods and literary presence.

Bright Kids, Small City: Millennials Stay Home

By Nona Willis Aronowitz, from The American Prospect

More and more, millennials stay home rather than venture to New York and L.A. where fewer job opportunities are made available. Meet the young adults who decided to stay in their hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Building Immigrant Justice

by Levana Saxon

How arts and organizing helped defeat Alabama's anti-immigrant law.

People-Funded Solar Project Plants the Seed for Community Activism

by Trinica Sampson

How one organization is using crowdfunding to save the planet.