Our Bodies Are Made for Walking

By Jay Walljasper

Huge health benefits heighten the need to make sure all Americans live in walkable communities.

Alternative Childbirth and Food Options of Today

By Barbara Katz Rothman 

Find meaning in life by bringing birthing and cooking back home in a society of commercialized choices.

Extra Kindness for the Most Vulnerable (and Resilient) Mariposas

By Norman Allen, from YES! Magazine

LGBTQ refugees and immigrants often lack a supportive network of fellow nationals – but now that’s changing.

Maroons and the Dismal Swamp

By William H. Funk, from Humanities

One road out of slavery took you straight into the boggiest place you’ve ever been.


How to Turn Neighborhoods Into Hubs of Resilience

By Taj James and Rosa González, from Yes! Magazine

Three places showing how to make the transition from domination and resource extraction to regeneration and interdependence.

The Talk: Surviving Police Encounters While Black

By Arienne Thompson Plourde and Amelia Thompson, from Notre Dame Magazine

The Talk is a rite of passage for many African-American children: parental warnings on how to handle racial discrimination from police.

Everyday Heroism After a Car Accident

By Jason Arias, from Oregon Humanities

The collective strength of strangers after a horrifying car accident is a moving example of everyday heroism.

Motivating Addicts — and Their Doctors

By Jessica Cohen

How doctors can be retrained to use empathy in addiction treatment programs for better success with patients and with themselves.

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