Prescription Painkiller Abuse in Small-Town Colorado

By Paige Blankenbuehler, from High Country News

When a private pain clinic, High Country Medical, opened in downtown Craig, Colorado, it sparked an opioid addiction crisis that has yet to end.

Remembering Brenda Ueland's Words

By Eric Utne

Memorializing Brenda Ueland through community-building.

Conversation Requires Listening

By Eric Utne

A real conversation expands you, deepens you, makes you feel more alive, more fully human.

As You Come Home: Immigration, Reunion, and the Continuity of Power

By Chris Shorne

In search of human rights in the Guatemala and the United States of America.


Residential Realtors Prevent Decline of Detroit Neighborhoods

By Kimberly Kinder

Detroit residents learned to become informal realtors to keep foreclosures from being targeted by scrappers and drug dealers.

Speak the Truth, But Not to Punish

By James Hoggan with Thich Nhat Hanh, from I’m Right and You’re an Idiot

In a world full of divisive issues, the principles of Vietnamese Monks attempt to build a unified and understanding community.

Signs of Intelligent Life

By Sam Mowe, from The Sun

Ecologist Carl Safina’s evidence that other animals think and feel.

Victory at Elsipogtog

By Gord Hill

In June 2013, SWN began surveying for shale gas in New Brunswick...

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