Giving Power to the People

By Jessica Cohen

A profile of civil rights attorney and empowerment center founder Michael Sussman

Empowering Port Jervis and Beyond

By Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

Michael Sussman’s empowerment centers are helping communities band together and step up where social services fall short.

Texas Prisons: No Place for Old Men

By Dick J. Reavis

Texas prisons are filling up with the old and the ill — at enormous expense.

The Syrian War: Living with the Dead

By Francesca Borri

Inside the underground tombs that have become shelter for war-ravaged Syrian civilians


Better Budgeting: Make Change Feel Normal

By Nathan Levenson

Apply better budgeting strategies to make changes to spending less controversial and more easily accepted within the school district.

Letter to a Young Man

A letter to a young man.

The Hoodie's Place in Fear and Fashion

By Alison Kinney

The hoodie, a seemingly harmless wardrobe staple, seems to be vexed by a long history of violence which gives way to fear-mongering and discrimination.

The Three Goodbyes of a Service Dog

By B.J. Hollars

Experience the 3 different good-byes experienced with service-animals and a lesson on remaining positive.