An Interview with Julia Eff

By Utne Reader staff

Julia Eff discusses the meaning of neutrois, the downside of perfectionism, becoming a ‘record producer for zines’ and more.

Please Stop Trying, You’re Obviously Never Gonna Understand It…

By Julia Eff

Julia Eff talks about the daily struggles of life as someone without a gender.

Social Justice: The New American Dream

By Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut urges us to rethink the American dream and become a family, taking care of each other as families do, and spend more money on schools, hospitals and Ferris wheels.

My House: Out of Fashion and Running Out of Time

By Jane Gottlieb

Amidst rumors of possible demolition, one woman wonders what will become of her childhood home and the memories created there.


The Stigma of Fast Food Work

By Joey Franklin

When a young father starts working nights in the fast-food industry while his wife finishes school, he recieves stigmatic reactions and wonders why someone should be shamed for trying to make an honest living.

America's "Worst Walking City" Gets Back on its Feet

By Jay Walljasper

Oklahoma City improves life for people who walk — and reaps the benefits.

Salons and Beyond

By Stephanie Mills, from Utne Reader (March/April 1991)

It’s high time we start having civil, intelligent, face-to-face conversations again.

Utne Reader's Guide to Salons

Everything you need to know about salons.