The Syrian War: Living with the Dead

By Francesca Borri

Inside the underground tombs that have become shelter for war-ravaged Syrian civilians

Better Budgeting: Make Change Feel Normal

By Nathan Levenson

Apply better budgeting strategies to make changes to spending less controversial and more easily accepted within the school district.

Letter to a Young Man

A letter to a young man.

The Hoodie's Place in Fear and Fashion

By Alison Kinney

The hoodie, a seemingly harmless wardrobe staple, seems to be vexed by a long history of violence which gives way to fear-mongering and discrimination.


The Three Goodbyes of a Service Dog

By B.J. Hollars

Experience the 3 different good-byes experienced with service-animals and a lesson on remaining positive.

An Interview with Julia Eff

By Utne Reader staff

Julia Eff discusses the meaning of neutrois, the downside of perfectionism, becoming a ‘record producer for zines’ and more.

Please Stop Trying, You’re Obviously Never Gonna Understand It…

By Julia Eff

Julia Eff talks about the daily struggles of life as someone without a gender.

Social Justice: The New American Dream

By Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut urges us to rethink the American dream and become a family, taking care of each other as families do, and spend more money on schools, hospitals and Ferris wheels.