A Conversation with Nance Klehm

| 9/26/2012 10:09:33 AM

Nance Klehm, photo by Jason CrepsThe phrase “radical ecologist” may have connotations but these words, traced to their beginnings Latin and Greek, amount to a roots-based study of the relationships between living things. There couldn’t be a more accurate summary of Nance Klehm’s work, which ranges from landscape design and art experiments to writing and leading urban weed-eating tours. Connect the dots between all of these activities, and you have an outline for re-connecting city-dwellers to their habitat.

Utne Reader assistant editor Suzanne Lindgren interviewed Nance Klehm by phone in late August 2012. Here is the transcript.  Photo by Jason Creps.


Utne Reader: We’ve selected you as an Utne Visionary for 2012 mostly because of what we’ve read about your urban foraging and the tours—sharing that knowledge with other people—but I know that you do a lot of other things too. 

Nance Klehm: I never know what aspect of my work people are interested in because it is a matrix. It’s all part of the practice and also my public offering. So I was like, ‘Huh, I wonder how they found me and through what channel.’ OK, I’m ready to go.”

How did you become involved in urban foraging? 

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