A Human Movement Against Climate Change

| 1/26/2010 12:09:53 PM

SN&R 12-3-09It’s clear from the outcome of the Copenhagen talks that the world’s political leaders are not going to lead the way in fighting climate change. What is needed instead, Fred Branfman writes in Sacramento News & Review, is a broad-based “human movement” in which ordinary people recognize the urgency of acting now to avert catastrophe.

Branfman’s essay, “Do Our Children Deserve to Live?,” was in fact written and published in early December, before the Copenhagen summit began, yet the writer boldly—and correctly—predicted the talks would fail. He already recognized that there simply wasn’t enough societal pressure and self-awareness of our grim predicament to effect broad change:

Our basic problem is that the sudden advent of the human climate crisis invalidates our basic beliefs about humanity built up over millennia. We cannot yet see that we are no longer who we think we are. That today:

though we believe we care for our offspring we do not;

though we wish to be remembered well we will be cursed;

though we believe we love life we embrace death;

2/1/2010 2:05:33 PM

Maybe it just needs to be framed with a quote from William McDonough..."We need to protect all the children of all the species, for all time."

Bill Peregrine
2/1/2010 11:01:47 AM

I think we are missing a basic and fundamental question, "What do we want our relationship with Nature to look like?" We are floating through space in our own little terrarium and as I experienced in science class in high school, what we do to 1 thing in the terrarium affects the whole. It's hard to swallow that driving my SUV in America is melting ice in polar bear country but that's the reality folks so deal with it. I'm not going to base my decision about how I want to be connected to Nature based on a scientific report... I'm going to go into Nature and ask the question for myself. But that's just me. As Mzee pointed out, we are faced with many difficult environmental challenges. Do I want to support those activities or not?

EL Burgess_1
2/1/2010 9:09:54 AM

Valerye I agree with you 100% The "sky is falling" crowd like to say that "the science is in" yet every day comes with a new revelation of "science" that is undocumented and patently false. To me and many other thinking and caring people it has become obvious that it is "the fix that is in" I have been a suscriber to MEN most of my adult life however since they have fallen in lock step with those who have lied to and practiced open deception regarding this subject I no longer support them. I canceled my subscription. The sad thing is as the post by Valerye points out so well is that environment areas that are of real concern have been ignored in the hysteria surrounding pronouncements by self-styled and self-serving demagogues that have co-opted the real mover to protect our environment. Where are the articles in MEN that decry the scientific fallacies fostered on the world - in an obvious attempt to manipulate the economic environment. When a fair and honest treatment of the subject is adopted nby MEN I may return - but I am not hopeful - the silence of MEN is deafening.

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