Abstinence-Based Environmentalism

| 2/5/2008 2:04:52 PM

Kathryn Blume’s traveling one-woman show The Boycott raises profound questions, such as, “What do men prefer, gas-guzzling motor vehicles or their wives’ carnal affections?” Blume’s monologue, based on the Aristophanes comedy Lysistrata, follows First Lady Lyssa Stratton as she singlehandedly tries to end global warming. Lyssa vows to abstain from sex until her husband solves climate change, and she urges other women to do the same. Check out Blume’s monologue here:

(Thanks, Orion.)

 —Morgan Winters

Mel Goldstein
2/7/2008 11:35:37 AM

This has some promise. It has been a while since I read Lysistrata (Freshman year in college in the 50's....how titillating, particulary the scene direction and costuming). It seemed to be based on an assumption that women can "do without" easier than men(re: The Seinfeld "Bet" where Elaine had to pay double since "it was easier for women not to self-pleasure".) This appears to be a patently faulty assumption based on some hard (sorry!) data. If I remember in the play they never made it clear whether EVERYONE abstained from ALL sexual activity, included self-gratification. Now that would get something going, both genders horny and nagging each other to do something about global warming. One warning, on that day where everyone is free to indulge, expect a few icebergs to melt simply from the rise in global body temperatures. As a post menopausal male, this won't bug me as much as in my younger years, but good luck.

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