Air-Powered Cars

| 2/14/2008 2:29:26 PM

Gas prices continue to rise, but there’s one energy source that’s as cheap as ever: air. French engineer Guy Negre has figured out a way to run cars on compressed air, BBC News reports, and his air-powered inventions could go on sale in less than a year. The OneCAT will cost about $5,000 and can be filled up with an air compressor in just three minutes. To watch a video of the BBC report click here.

(Thanks, Raw Story and the Arlington Institute newsletter.)

Bennett Gordon

5/22/2014 5:20:55 AM

Yes, it is true that the gas energy source is the cheapest source for us. So, it is a great idea to involve gas energy to operate a vehicle. But, I want to know some more about its out coming when the vehicle runs. Because our environment is now-a-days very much polluted because of the carbon dioxide gas that gets out from the vehicle when it runs. So, we can expect an environment friendly car from our car makers so that our environment will stay safe.

9/5/2008 3:17:36 AM

Compressed air cars is a big plus for saving us from the global warming crisis why is this technology not being marketed

2/18/2008 6:59:01 PM

Googling it for three years ....I recommend it. there's more to than meets the doubter at first glance. If i had the money I'd start a factory. I'd rather grow food than fuel, food to feed the hungry instead of wasting so much water to perpetuate burning . Google it will find it a great alternative to pyromania

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