Arrested at the White House

| 8/25/2011 2:48:11 PM

bill-mckibben-utne-visionaryThis article originally appeared at TomDispatch

Bill McKibben was named a 2010 Utne Reader Visionary.


I didn’t think it was possible, but my admiration for Martin Luther King, Jr., grew even stronger these past days.

As I headed to jail as part of the first wave of what is turning into the biggest civil disobedience action in the environmental movement for many years, I had the vague idea that I would write something. Not an epic like King's “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” but at least, you know, a blog post. Or a tweet.

But frankly, I wasn’t up to it. The police, surprised by how many people turned out on the first day of two weeks of protests at the White House, decided to teach us a lesson. As they told our legal team, they wanted to deter anyone else from coming -- and so with our first crew they were… kind of harsh.

steve eatenson
8/28/2011 12:10:00 PM

Rather than arguing about oil or no oil, gas or no gas, why isn't our government who's largest budget drain is the pentagon who uses a huge amount of oil and gas funding as much research and development as possible to develop safe alternative sources of fuel? Oh yes, it would anger the oil and gas lobby who put the politicians where they are. How sad. Why hasn't our government figured out that encouraging people to put a cap on childbirth would, in the future, lower the population and reduce our need for energy? Duh!

H. Utz
8/26/2011 10:06:05 AM

Thank you for your speaking out about this issue, thank you for your work, and thank you for serving as a model for others about the importance of getting out there and protesting, even if it means imprisonment.

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