Bob Inglis on a Trump Presidency and What That Could Mean for Progress on Climate Change


Bob Inglis
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This interview was originally published on Read Andrea Cooper's profile of Bob Inglis here.

In the November/December issue of Sierra, we profiled Bob Inglis, a former Republican congressman who became an advocate for solving climate change through free-enterprise innovations. Much has changed since then. We checked back in with Inglis to hear his postelection thoughts about Donald Trump and the way forward for progress on climate. Comments have been edited for length and clarity. 

How did you and your organization,, react when Donald Trump won? 

It’s still defying encapsulation. We’re a group of actual conservatives who believe in free enterprise and civil discourse. And we find so much of the persona of Donald Trump completely repulsive. It’s tragic, the damage that he’s done to our republic and the forces that he has unleashed. 

What does his election mean for your work? 

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