Cue Up Free Online Eco-Documentaries

| 7/23/2008 11:50:27 AM

A free movie site popped up last week featuring a solid selection of environmental films. SnagFilms lets viewers browse documentaries by category or title, stream them instantly, and add the films to their own sites. Environmental offerings include National Geographic and PBS specials, along with shorts and smaller films like The Future of Food, an exploration of genetically modified foods, and Okie Noodling, a feature-length film about bare-armed catfish-catching. Other doc categories include international, health, and history.

SnagFilms is still in beta, so it has its flaws. It’s difficult to rewind and fast forward, there’s no time tracking, and one film I watched had advertisements haphazardly strewn throughout, without even the strategic placement of TV commercials. Some of SnagFilms’ selections are available on other video-sharing sites, so the company will either have to expand its exclusive offerings or rejigger its ads to placate viewers used to commercial-free content. 

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