Electric Cars for $15,000


Since the death knell was sounded for the electric car, many assume that owing a plug-in electric vehicle is nearly impossible. Todd Kaho reports for Green Car Journal that the all-electric Revolution costs as little as $15,000. The price tag may seem high for a car that can’t go more than 35 miles per hour and looks like a Playskool toy car. But considering that oil is now nearing $150 per barrel, Green Car Journal insists, “this car is worth a look.”

5/27/2014 9:19:47 AM

Electric cars are termed as environment friendly cars but, if this vehicle has some demerits like this car is not going to run more then 35 miles per hour and it just look like a baby car then people may not prefer this whether it is an environment friendly car or any other car. So, the car makers have to make it perfect so that it will provide the best features to the user of this car then only it will be able rock in the market. http://www.carminesimport.com/bmw-repair-service/

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