Kenny Chesney, the Unlikely Environmentalist

| 10/9/2008 4:40:28 PM

At least his shirt is greenCountry singer Kenny Chesney is an unlikely environmental advocate: I haven’t seen many “hot country” megastars carrying a green message to their rabidly red, white, and blue fans. So I was surprised to see an interview with the zillion-selling artist on the website of Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club. Sierra was there to talk about Chesney’s involvement with the hurricane disaster-preparedness group PlanIt Now, a Sierra Club partner. Chesney was apparently there to display his environmental ignorance, along with a Palinesque ability to give disastrous answers to simple questions.

Early in the Q&A, Chesney seems to be on the verge of connecting some dots between extreme weather and climate change:

Sierra: Have your experiences with PlanIt Now affected you personally?

Chesney: It's made me think about how fragile life and the environment are. We only see the impact at its most severe, but it's a delicate balance out there. Loving the islands and the ocean the way that I do, every time I'm anywhere on my boat or on a beach now, I look at it in a whole new way. I realize how easily it could be gone.

He soon undercuts any notion that he’s some sort of eco-activist with a big hat, though:

Sierra: Have you changed any of your habits at home or on the road to reduce your environmental impact?

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