Life Finds a Way, But Needs Our Help

| 7/25/2012 5:05:25 PM

 carl safina and bob stenck  

 carl safina Carl Safina is a MacArthur fellow, Pew fellow, and Guggenheim fellow, an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University, and president of Blue Ocean Institute. His books include among others Song for the Blue Ocean, The View From Lazy Point, and his book about the 2010 Gulf blowout, A Sea in Flames. He is host of "Saving the Ocean," on PBS television. Safina was named an Utne Reader Visionary in 2011. Keep up with him and his work at 


I can’t remember who dragged me to see the movie Jurassic Park, but one resonant line in that movie was worth the price of admission, this unforgettable sentence: “Life finds a way.” It popped out at me because it so economically summed up a truth behind all of nature’s stunning diversity and the continuity of the living adventure of Life on Earth.

Australian ecologist Roger Bradbury has recently asserted that coral reefs are doomed, living-dead, “zombie ecosystems” that will inevitably—and soon—utterly collapse under the multiple fatal blows of overfishing, pollution and the ocean acidification and warming resulting from the global buildup of carbon dioxide. (See his New York Times op-ed, “A World Without Coral Reefs.")

Bradbury says we should give up. Any hope for reefs, he says, is a delusion. (Andy Revkin collected a few responses from scientists at his New York Times Dot Earth blog.)

Agustina Cresencia
7/30/2012 12:22:55 AM

We're saving the Philippine reefs, too, we hope to work with you!

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