Moving On into the New Era

| 8/2/2013 9:32:30 AM

 Aquarius illustration 590pxJust because December 21, 2012, passed without incident doesn’t mean a new age isn’t upon us. 

This editor’s note originally appeared in issue 121-122 of Both Sides Now: A Journal of Lightworking, Peacemaking, and Consciousness. Both Sides Now is a quarterly journal of spiritual, cultural, and political alternatives. 

We are indeed in a new era following the much-anticipated date of December 21, 2012. Like others, we were expecting some dramatic revelation or revelations on or around that date, only to be disappointed. In retrospect, there were significant happenings into late last year, primarily Mother Nature (or Gaia) powerfully acting up in response to human abuse of her well-being. There are signs that we are only seeing the beginnings of earth and climate changes. And this is just one arena of change. Another is the world’s economy, but that is matter for another occasion.

One point to mention before we move on: The beginning of a new time period doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied by dramatic events. Not long ago we went from 2012 to 2013 without having special expectations for January 1. December of last year was the end of a long period according to some Native American traditions. The Mayans called it the end of a world, and if we look at the Hopi tradition there were three previous worlds. (See “The Book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters.) Therefore we are now just past the start of the Fifth World, and its character has yet to be fully revealed.

So it is that we are now seeing more subtle signs that we are indeed in a time of change or changes. New material recently received here reinforces this view. Most specifically, Denise LeFay refers to an intense nine-month period commencing with the spring equinox, so we are just beginning to see what is unfolding at this time in history. Of course, nine months is a significant span as it is the length of human gestation, by no coincidence one might think.

How any of us experience this shift depends on where we are coming from—our thoughts and actions. So it is not a matter of fate. How we experience this period of transition is determined by the choices we make. We can tune into the new energies and work with them, or cling to outmoded paradigms and get left behind or be lost in a clueless limbo. This is a time of decision and action. Best wishes to all, and may you choose wisely!
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