Not a Snout In Sight

| 1/7/2008 6:13:19 PM

Wild PigsWild pigs are mysteriously disappearing in southern Florida, Calvin Godfrey writes for the Miami New Times. Godfrey profiles the fruitless attempts of three frustrated hunters, unable to kill the prized wild pigs.

 Meanwhile, Miguel Bustillo reports for the Los Angeles Times that Texas communities are being overrun by porcine psychopaths, ravaging crops and menacing citizens. Mike Bodenchuk of the U.S. Department. of Agriculture said, “These pigs are an ecological train wreck.”

In Florida, though, there is still no clear culprit for the pig population plummet. Scientists have cited drought and fires as possible causes. Given the role animal populations play as environmental indicators, both states’ pig problems merit serious second looks.

Morgan Winters

Photo courtesy of NASA.

1/9/2008 4:36:30 PM

Hey Florida Hunters, come to Hawaii!!! We have a ton of wild pigs and they are hell on the environment, killing native species and encouraging non natives. Come hunt all of them that you want.

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