Plants Send Text Messages

| 6/18/2009 3:09:26 PM

Plant SensorThe technology firm AgriHouse has figured out a way to let plants send text messages when they need more water, IEEE Spectrum reports. The tiny sensors clip onto plant leaves and calculate the plants moisture. Then, when the plant gets too dry, the sensors a text the farmers. I envision it probably saying something like this:

OMG, I needs drink, pls.

Considering the roughly 129 billion liters of water consumed every day by commercial agriculture in the United States, AgriHouse believes the sensors could make a dramatic difference in agricultural water consumption.

Source: IEEE Spectrum 

Bill Shroyer
9/22/2010 4:01:35 AM

I wish they'd stop saying this has anything to do with "plant communication". That's an insult to the intelligence of your average human. The plants don't do squat, the gadgets are probes that monitor soil conditions. The PROBES send the messages, the PROBES do all the "communicating". They sound like idiots every single time they make the ludicrous claim, "Plants send text messages" or "Plants tell you when they need a drink." Good lord, scientific illiteracy is bad enough in this country without adding to it by such simpleton claims. Some people are actually naive enough to believe it, and it's an outright lie. Sheesh...

9/16/2009 11:56:27 AM

And now Tweeting. They're really jumping into this technology thing...

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