Questions for Your Waiter or Fishmonger

| September-October 2008

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  • Bottomfeeder Jacket (Sized)

This article is part of a package on ethical seafood. For mouth-watering recipes, sustainable seafood news, and myriad resources to help readers stay informed and eat sustainably visit .

Do you know if this fish was wild-caught, or was it farmed?

If it was wild-caught:
Do you know which ocean it came from, and if so, which port it was landed in?
How was it caught? (With a hook and line? A trawl net?)

And if it was farmed:
Was this fish farmed domestically, or was it imported (and if so, from which country)?
If you can find fishmongers or res­taurateurs who know, and care, enough to answer your questions—stick with them.

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