Sandra Steingraber’s Organic Manifesto

| 5/26/2010 4:47:42 PM

Sandra SteingraberOne of the things I like most about ecologist Sandra Steingraber’s writing is her ability to express big, substantive ideas with clarity, simplicity, and resolve. I exit her essays both calmed and inspired. I was reminded of this unusual quality as I devoured her “Organic Manifesto,” which was republished in the most recent issue of In Good Tilth. (Organic Valley first published the essay, and you can read the complete manifesto as a PDF on her website.) And if you like what you read, take note: Steingraber’s book Living Downstream is now in its second edition, and has been recently made into a film.

Source: In Good Tilth

Photo by Dede Hatch.

3/18/2011 9:13:17 AM

I passed by the new book display at our library the other day and saw Organic Manifesto. Because I give talks on green cleaning and green living, I read a lot to keep up with new views. So I checked it out to read. And because I'm talking to some trained master gardeners later this month about ways to green up their lives, I wanted the information in Organic Manifesto. You know, I have done small organic gardens since the 80s, growing greens in the winter, and a few typical crops in summer like tomatoes, herbs, yellow and zuchini squash. But Ive ready very little about farming, be it organic or chemical. This book seriously affected me. I feel very sad looking at the numbers of, say, amt of acres of organic farms, lbs of agricultural chemicals used per year, and on and on. I love the end notes, and indexing. I'm nearly done in two days; was really just about too much to read that the CEO of Monsanto eats organic. Hard to say neutral, and I practise and teach yoga and try to remain the witness. It is going to take me a while to process all that truths laid out in the book, the history, the duping, marketing, lobbying, government laxitude. Something is seriously wrong when we have all these facts and the change is but a tiny drop in the ocean of chemical farming. There are many good points presented for organic farming,

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