Six Bioneers Who Are Making a Difference

From Watts to the Amazon, these biological pioneers explore new frontiers of hope

| May/June 2002

The "biological pioneers" gathering last fall at the Bioneers conference, held annually in Marin County, California, recognized the following individuals for their work in sustaining the land, culture, and spirit of our world:

Anna Carter, the "seed lady" of Watts, whose inner-city organic gardens are transforming lives in South Central Los Angeles.

Wade Davis, an ethnobotanist and explorer who has worked for decades to defend threatened indigenous cultures and diverse ecosystems.

Tom Goldtooth, a national leader of the Indigenous Environmental Network, who's been a relentless defender of Native lands and human rights nationwide.

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, a visionary Native American physician whose work is bringing ecological medicine to a wider audience.

Lynn Margulis, co-creator with James Lovelock of the Gaia Hypothesis, whose insights into evolutionary biology have changed the way we look at the earth.

Diane Wilson, mother and fourth-generation fisherwoman who single-handedly has battled corporate polluters on Texas' Gulf Coast.