Suzuki on Bali

| 12/10/2007 2:15:04 PM

Dr. David Suzukiinterview by Giles Slade 

For a generation now, David Suzuki has been working vigorously to raise public awareness of global warming and marshal a worldwide response. In 1988, before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was formed, Suzuki advocated for the creation of a similar international body at the Changing Atmosphere Conference in Toronto. In 2007, the Canadian scientist, broadcaster, and activist toured his country in a diesel bus, speaking about climate change and urging compliance with the Kyoto Protocol (which he helped frame). The author of 43 books, Suzuki is now 71 years old and would like to “slow down a bit” by working only four days a week. But that will have to wait until the Bali summit on climate change is over. I met Suzuki a few weeks ago in Vancouver, where we both live, to talk about the U.N. conference and what we should hope for as the world’s nations start to hash out Kyoto’s successor.

Some people say that environmentalism is a fashion that will soon pass.

Yeah, the fear is that it will be a fad. The media have jumped on it now; it’s the flavor of the month. The problem is that when O.J. Simpson gets sentenced the media will have a heyday and forget about these other issues, so it really is important for us to make sure it stays on the agenda.

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