Texting for Sustainable Seafood

| 1/14/2008 2:39:03 PM

If you like to eat out and seafood is on the menu, the Blue Ocean Institute has made it easier to pick the most sustainable entree. Just send a text message to 30644 that includes “Fish” and the type of seafood you’re thinking of ordering, and the Fish Phone will shoot back a message telling you how ecofriendly your choice is.

I was curious about halibut, one of my favorite types of fish. I whipped out my cell, texted the Fish Phone, and got an immediate reply: “Pacific Halibut (GREEN) few environmental concerns, MSC certified as sustainable; Atlantic Halibut (RED) significant environmental concerns.”

You can also download a wallet-size version of the seafood guide if you don’t want to pay for a text message.

(Thanks, Sierra Club.)

Sarah Pumroy

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