The Not-So-Green Side of Marijuana

| 11/28/2007 11:03:25 AM

A seedy set of farmers is poisoning California’s wilderness. Pristine mountains have been marred by diesel runoff, scattered litter, clear-cutting, and dead wildlife. Streams have been sucked dry to feed a ravenous plant. Sloppily installed generators have caught fire and spread their flames to the surrounding wild. The culprits: illegal marijuana growers. Since large-scale growing needs to be done far from the eyes of suspicious police, psychotropic agriculturalists don’t need to abide by even the skimpiest environmentally friendly regulations to sate their lust for profits. So if you’re in the market for bud, make sure to ask your dealer if he’s buying organic. Nicole Edmison over at Terrain has the full story.Brendan Mackie

Nicole Edmison
1/27/2008 11:11:10 AM

I agree that organic marijuana won't be mainstream until the actual substance is but there are many people who grow organically. My point is that people have the option to be mindful of their consumption, but if they don't know that there is a problem they don't have that option. Just a reminder. Thanks for the commentary! Who are you Brendan Mackie?

Libertarian Girl_2
12/1/2007 8:48:07 PM

"Organic" marijuana won't happen until marijuana is legal. Black market products are sold by black market sellers, like the Mexican drug cartels mentioned in the article.

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