The Worst Plastic Crap on Earth

| 7/19/2010 10:31:53 AM

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Inflatable pool bar

What’s the most ridiculously wasteful plastic product or packaging you’ve seen lately? Perhaps it’s the food containers specially designed to hold a single cupcake. Or maybe it’s the shrink-wrapped coconuts at your local Safeway, or the PVC “inflatable pool bar” that holds four people and all the booze they can drink. Whatever it is, there’s now a place to share your incredulousness with the world: the Plastic Crap Wall of Shame Facebook page. The enterprise was launched by Beth Terry, the writer behind Fake Plastic Fish, a blog that chronicles her never-ending quest to live life without plastic.

Visiting the Wall of Shame is a virtual tour of the worst of our throwaway society. You’ll be amazed and, I hope, disgusted enough to take action: Terry has asked posters on the page to include company contact information so readers can directly tell manufacturers that their wasteful ways are not going unnoticed.

Sources: Plastic Crap Wall of Shame, Fake Plastic Fish

Image from Plastic Crap Wall of Shame.