This New House

| 1/25/2008 4:29:18 PM

If This Old House strikes you as a bit too old, there is a new breed of building shows that teach you how to make your house pretty—and environmentally sustainable at the same time. Check out OnNetwork’s Mainstream Green program, which has host Alex Pettitt helping you understand things like integrated pest management and on-site recycling. The latest episode on recycling shows how a handy “tub grinder” can be used on building sites to turn previously wasted wood, drywall, and brick into natural insulation. The show also takes you inside a paper recycling plant where you get to see the huge bales of paper waiting to be “repurposed.” If you still want more, check out HGTV Pro’s collection of green building “best practices.” These videos give a bounty of green building tips for your next home improvement project.

Brendan Mackie

secundra beasley
1/29/2008 12:25:45 PM

Just becasue HGTV has gone green does not mean that This Old House should not be slighted. If it was not for This Old House shows like HGTV or DIY (which reairs old episodes of This Old House and acknowledge's its ground breaking role in the DIY movement). But that may not be enough for you, so I offer this. Starting this week, This Old House begins its new season in New Orleans. The will be rebuilding a third generation New Orlean's house and focusing on the Harry Connick/Marsalis family housing project. And what is the best part of This Old House, you don't have to pay a cable bill to watch it.

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