Ugly Endangered Species Deserve Protection, Too

| 5/12/2009 11:08:44 AM

Endangered Beach Mouse

The majestic whooping crane and the adorable polar bear tend to get plenty of attention from conservationists. Less charismatic animals, like the Choctawhatchee beach mouse (pictured left), need attention, too. In a photo essay for Audubon magazine, photographer Joel Sartore calls attention to the neglected endangered species, including insects, ugly fish, and the American crocodile. “At the heart of the story is this,” Sartore told Audubon, “Do we as a society treat the least among us with dignity and respect?”

Photo courtesy of Joel Sartore.

Source: Audubon

Tom Hendricks
5/17/2009 10:34:55 PM

I see a bigger issue here. If humans so affect evolution that only those animals that serve man or are 'safe' are allowed to exist, we will lead into an evolutionary dead end. You can see this already happening by what animals we let live in our cities. Yet carrying this beyond our cities could lead to slow but dangerous results in the long run. For instance eliminating all sharks. It would seem reasonable on the surface, but would be a great mistake. The same concern needs to be given even to bacteria that endangers us. We must be able to protect ourselves, without interfering in nature too much to do more harm than good in the long run.

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