What Would It Take? Social Entrepreneurship Over Poverty

| 3/1/2012 1:51:56 PM


What would it take to shape a planet on which people, other living things, and the systems that support us can sustainably coexist? For a special issue, Momentum magazine invited experts from around the world to share their thoughts on how we might craft solutions to some of earth’s toughest challenges. Wayne Ellwood spoke with Solomon Prakash, the India country director of Ashoka, an international social entrepreneurship agency, on what it would take for social entrepreneurship to help pull people out of poverty.  

How did you become involved in social entrepreneurship? 

I started as an engineer. I worked for a small company in Bangalore for a number of years, mostly in special purpose machine design. Then in 1987 I went to Europe, where I became interested in alternative communities. I visited these communities all across Europe, and I brought that experience back to India with me. In November 1989 I started a nonprofit organization in Bangalore working with young people, connecting homeless kids to jobs and helping them get in touch with their parents.

What would it take for social entrepreneurship to make serious inroads into poverty? 

If you tackle a problem like poverty head on, you need a set of people on your core team who share your vision. This can be a challenge.

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