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Why Batman Refuses to Take Up the Gun

 by Keith Goetzman

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Batman graffiti art, Oakland 

America loves superheroes. Britain, not so much. Nick Harkaway at the British magazine Prospect points out that “John Constantine, the brutal magus anti-hero of DC Comics’ Hellblazer, once observed that Britain is a country where no one would have the nerve to wear a cape in public, even if they did have powers far beyond those of mortal men.”

Meanwhile, Americans, having flocked to films about Iron Man, Spiderman, and the Hulk, will likely do the same this spring and summer for movies featuring Thor (May), the X-Men (June), and Captain America (July).

What’s the attraction? Harkaway suggests America’s fascination with firearms plays a key role in our love for caped crusaders:

Source: Prospect 

Image by anarchosyn, licensed under Creative Commons.