Utne Reader Bookshelf: Environment

A selection of books that pique our interest.

The Environmental Repercussions of Pesticides on Food

By Marie-Monique Robin

Bioaccumulation of pesticides on food can lead to a much higher concentration of toxins in the environment than is originally intended, with disastrous consequences.

The Real Path Through History: An Arrow of Progress

By Courtney White

Although civilization-building computer games can be an informative way for young people to learn the famous leaders of history, they forget the most important thing about carving a path through history: true consequence.

Carbon Counterattack

By Michael T. Klare

How Big Oil is responding to the anti-carbon movement with the purported benefits of carbon-based fuels and visions of a better world.


Everything’s Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart

By Rebecca Solnit

Encouraging news about clean energy and climate activism rises but does so in the shadow of dire scientific evidence about our environment.

Downwinders: Life Near Nuclear Explosions

By Sarah Alisabeth Fox

As nuclear weapons were tested and uranium was extracted in the American West during the Cold War era, the inhabitants of the Great Basin region — now commonly referred to as downwinders — were exposed to radiation.

Chinese Filmmakers Have Rare Environmental Impacts

By Soli Salgado

Now that China joined the fight against pollution, documentaries depicting the country’s environmental issues are finally getting their due attention.

Changing the Climate Change Narrative

By Charles Eisenstein, from Resurgence & Ecologist

A challenge to our obsession with climate change at the expense of all other values.