A Prickly Proposition

By Krista Langlois, from High Country News

Can an overlooked succulent help salvage toxic soils?

Recycling a Big Box: From Abandoned Walmart to Award-Winning Public Library

by Lindsey Kennedy

When big box stores abandon large lots of commercial real estate, a door opens for innovators to turn the empty space into a public good. The McAllen Main Library in McAllen, Texas is a prime example of the hidden opportunity for communities littered with superstore skeletons.

Maraschino Man: The Odd and Unfortunate Story of Arthur Mondella

by Lindsey Kennedy

Two stories brought national attention to Dell’s Maraschino Cherry Factory; one about bees and corn syrup, one about drugs and suicide.

Tundra Fires and Melting Sea Ice

By Edward Struzik

Devastating tundra fires, melting sea ice and polar animal migrations are shaping the arctic into a very new landscape with a profound impact on a host of global issues.


To Drill or Not To Drill?

By Subhankar Banerjee

The Obama Administration, Shell, and the Fate of the Arctic Ocean

Can Shrimp Shells Cure the Global Plastic Addiction?

by Lindsey Kennedy

As plastic production rises, so does the need for its biodegradable replacement.

Utne Reader Bookshelf: Environment

A selection of books that pique our interest.

The Environmental Repercussions of Pesticides on Food

By Marie-Monique Robin

Bioaccumulation of pesticides on food can lead to a much higher concentration of toxins in the environment than is originally intended, with disastrous consequences.

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