Superweeds, Superbugs, and Superbusiness

by Brian DeVore

A report from the resistance front.

Ancient Cities Turned to Sand

Adapted by Caroline D'Angelo from Sean Gallagher's Meltdown: China's Environment Crisis, produced by the Pulitzer Center.

Desertification in China offers a warning to us all.

Our Fossil-Fueled Future

by Michael T. Klare

Washington planners predict our appetite for fossil fuels will only grow over the next 30 years. Does that mean game over for the climate?

Bringing Life Back to Soil

by Brian DeVore

Farmers are focused on rebuilding our soil. Here's why you should be too. Part two of a two-part dispatch on the sorry state of our nation's soil and what we can do to fix it.


Movements Without Leaders

by Bill McKibben

The climate fight is about all of us, not just a few personalities.

Too Sick to Function

by Brian DeVore

 As wind and rain erode our nation’s soil, chemicals contaminate waterways and food gets harder to grow.   

Designing a Better Windmill

by Staff

Three innovative designs show you don’t need a giant turbine to harvest the wind’s energy.

Wilder Times

By Suzanne Lindgren

How do we remember a forgotten wilderness?