Too Sick to Function

by Brian DeVore

 As wind and rain erode our nation’s soil, chemicals contaminate waterways and food gets harder to grow.   

Designing a Better Windmill

by Staff

Three innovative designs show you don’t need a giant turbine to harvest the wind’s energy.

Wilder Times

By Suzanne Lindgren

How do we remember a forgotten wilderness?

Cut a Tree, Prevent Intense Wildfires

By Staff, Utne Reader

Recent research shows that forests with too many trees are vulnerable to intense forest fires, increasing pollution. So save the planet: cut a tree.


Fish on Drugs

By Staff, Utne Reader

Fish on drugs? Antidepressants might make us happy, but when pharmaceuticals like Prozac enter the water supply, fish can become anxious and aggressive.

Moving On into the New Era

by Both Sides Now

Just because December 21, 2012, passed without incident doesn’t mean a new age isn’t upon us.

Race, Climate, and the Urban Heat Island

by Sam Ross-Brown

As climate change speeds up, nonwhite inner city neighborhoods will face a high risk of extreme heat.

Designing Ecological Backyard Gardens: An Interview with Jessi Bloom

By Suzanne Lindgren

Jessi Bloom, author of Free Range Chicken Gardens, explains how to get the most out of a small garden with low-maintenance edibles and chickens.