Land Deals in Africa: The Pros and Cons

By Michael Kugelman

With almost half of the world’s unfarmed land located in sub-Saharan Africa, foreign investors are increasingly interested in land deals in African countries.  

Final Footprint Introduces Natural Burial in the U.S.

Press Release

The natural burial company Final Footprint has an opportunity for real business in the U.S.

Fruit Flies Help Further Study of Health Benefits of Organic Produce

By Staff, Utne Reader

A middle-school student and her science project with fruit flies leads to some impressive findings for those studying the health benefits of organic produce vs. conventionally-grown produce.

Covering Up Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico

By Staff, Utne Reader

How the oil industry uses coffee filters and bottled water to doctor water samples, covering up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.


Waste Not, Water Naught

by Katie Moore

Western India's ongoing drought, in many ways a man-made disaster, offers many lessons on water politics and inequality on a warming planet.

Rise of the Green Festival

By Staff, Utne Reader

After Woodstock, you’d think that hippies, environmentalism, and music went hand in hand, but the rise of the green festival began only recently.

Arsenic Contamination in Graveyards: How the Dead Are Hurting the Environment

By Mark Harris

Arsenic contamination in the ground and water around cemeteries is just one spark of the green burial movement.

Forests with Fallen Trees Heal On Their Own

By Staff, Utne Reader

Unless a forest is being used to grow salvageable timber, the best thing to do for a forest with fallen trees is leave it alone.