From Odysseus to Styrofoam

by Lewis H. Lapham

Long thought to be eternal, omnipotent, and ultimately untouched by humankind, the world’s oceans are now threatened by pollution, overfishing, and climate chaos.  

Marijuana Growers and the Death of Fishers

By Sharon Levy, from OnEarth

Using harsh rodenticides, marijuana growers in California are threatening fishers, a critical umbrella species, on the Hoopa reservation and national forest land.

Ex-Vegan Turned Hunter

By Tovar Cerulli, from The Atlantic

Ex-vegan Tovar Cerulli talks about pursuing wild meat in the spirit of vegetarianism.

The Return of Salmon

by Andrew Bach and Bradley Smith

After the careful removal of two large dams, salmon are returning to Washington's Elwha River.


Only You Can Prevent Faucet Fires

by Peter Rugh

After a modified, anti-fracking Smokey the Bear went viral, the U.S. Forest Service threatened legal action against the activist who created it.

Why the Environment’s Trashed, You’re Broke, and Wars Drag On

By Suzanne Lindgren

 How corporate power is killing the world, explained in animated GIFs   

We Are the World

By Staff, Utne Reader

In New Zealand—or Aotearoa, as it is known to the indigenous Māori people—the Whanganui River has been awarded personhood status.

Bill McKibben: Why the Climate Movement Can't Wait for Democrats

by Bill McKibben

Since the beginning of the gay rights movement, it took Democratic leaders four decades to “evolve” on marriage equality. But the climate movement, and the planet, don’t have the kind of time.