Why the Environment’s Trashed, You’re Broke, and Wars Drag On

By Suzanne Lindgren

 How corporate power is killing the world, explained in animated GIFs   

We Are the World

By Staff, Utne Reader

In New Zealand—or Aotearoa, as it is known to the indigenous Māori people—the Whanganui River has been awarded personhood status.

Bill McKibben: Why the Climate Movement Can't Wait for Democrats

by Bill McKibben

Since the beginning of the gay rights movement, it took Democratic leaders four decades to “evolve” on marriage equality. But the climate movement, and the planet, don’t have the kind of time.

Let’s Topple the Foodopoly

By Wenonah Hauter

Lobbyists have purchased agricultural policy. Changing our food system is a political act—one that will require a massive grassroots mobilization to challenge multi-national corporations—and one we must support. 


For Green Graffiti, Moss is Boss

By Suzanne Lindgren

With moss, graffiti artists and activists go green, literally.

Chinese Gold Made with American Waste Paper

By Sam Worley, from the Chicago Reader

Chinese dominance of American waste paper recycling negatively impacts American paper mills.

The Real History of the Commons and Today's Environmental Crisis

By Tim Swineheart

If we don’t teach students the real history of the commons, they’ll have a hard time recognizing what—and who—is responsible for today’s environmental crisis.

Green Economy Sparks a Modern Tragedy of the Commons

By Danielle Marie Mackey

Displacement in Bajo Aguan, Honduras, illustrates how green economy initiatives like carbon cap and trade can create a modern Tragedy of the Commons.