Psychological Warfare at Standing Rock Reservation, Oceti Sakowin Camp

By John Sheldon

A firsthand account of conditions at the Oceti Sakowin Camp at the Standing Rock Reservation.

The Depletion of Earth's Resources

By Anthony D. Barnosky and Elizabeth A. Hadly

The fight for Earth's resource takes a violent turn when depletion strikes.

Indians and Cowboys

By Chip Ward

The 2016 version of an old story on a new planet.

Overpopulation: The Global Population Speaks Out

By Global Population Speak Out

Global Population Speak Out details their campaign to stop the human overpopulation problem.


A Trip to the John Muir Trail

By Kerry Mitchell

Learn how the National Park Service manages the John Muir Trail, one of the longest stretches of wild country in the continental US.

The “Back to the Land” Movement

By Kate Daloz

Living in communes, co-ops, and handmade geodesic domes, each feeling a deep personal objection to their current lives, the youth of the 1970s surged at once away from their urban lifestyles into sustainable rural living.

Finding Time for Our Parks

By John de Graaf, from Earth Island Journal

Americans are visiting more parks but spending less time in them. What does this mean for the future of our wild spaces?

Environmentalism: A Military Approach

By Robert P. Marzec

By taking a look at what he calls “environmentality,” Marzec shows how a military look at environmentalism has turned into the ill-conceived idea that human adaptation should trump the effort for sustainable living.

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