A Quantified Approach to Water Conservation

By Joe Whitworth

Modern technology and precise data collection help alleviate the freshwater crisis unresolved by outdated water laws and regulations.

Protecting Communities from Climate Change (Hint: It’s not Just About Seawalls)

By Jeni Miller

New research confirms that climate change takes its greatest toll in low-income neighborhoods that concentrate many kinds of vulnerability.

Reclamation: To Take Back, To Make Right, To Make Useful

By Ana Maria Spagna

Should we return areas to their natural state, or make them more accessible for human use? A difficult dilemma for those who strive to interact positively with the natural world.

Bee-ware of Neonicotinoids

By Nicole Rivard, from Action Line

While the Environmental Protection Agency drags its feet on regulating pesticides harmful to bees and other pollinators, local communities take action.


Spring Fever and Black Earth

By David Fideler, from Restoring the Soul of the World

Accepting an invitation to feel the living spirit of nature.

Two, Three ... Many Flints

By David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

America's Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis

Night of the Living Dead, Climate Change-Style

By Bill McKibben

How to Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry From Wrecking Our World

Trekking Through the Aravaipa Canyon

By Jason Mark

Hiking through the Aravaipa Canyon to reconnect with the forces of nature in a new, advanced epoch: the Age of Man.

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