Climate Justice: Stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline

By Wen Stephenson

Fighting the Keystone XL Pipeline one protest at a time.

Using Our Heads: Solving Human Overpopulation

By Ronald Bailey

The solution to human overpopulation and increased strain on nonrenewable resources may lie in human ingenuity, as it has in the past.

Discovering Denali: A Voyage into Alaska and Self

By Kim Heacox

Any serious student of spirituality and the American landscape must one day address his/her relationship with Alaska, and once in Alaska, he/she must confront Denali, the heart of the state, the state of the heart.

Gas Compressors and Nose Bleeds

By Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

A new study connects health issues with rural gas compressor pollution.


Clearing Skies of China’s Air Pollution Crisis

By Adam Minter, from Sierra

A journalist who fled China’s air pollution looks back and sees rays of hope.

A Small Town and the Effects of Air Pollution

By Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

Gas power plant controversy in New York could repeat itself all over the country.

Rising Sea Levels are Changing Florida’s Gulf Coast

By Susan Cerulean

The natural landscape and indigenous species inhabiting the islands near Florida’s Gulf Coast are being threatened by rising sea levels due to a rapidly changing climate.

Environmental Ethics in a Post-Natural World

By Steven Vogel

Western environmental ethics place tremendous value on “natural” places to the detriment of the built environment most people inhabit. What might a philosophy that recognizes the value of human activity offer to environmentalism?