Keeping Wild Caves Secret

By Spencer Fleury, from Earth Island Journal

Cave lovers worry that sharing their passion just might kill it.

Water Feel: The Big Swim

By Carrie Saxifrage

Author Carrie Saxifrage writes of the physical triumph of a long distance trek in her environmental memoir “The Big Swim.”

The Environmental Movement’s Middle Ground

By Seamus McGraw

Finding common ground in the current environmental movement among differing cultural and political beliefs is not so simple.

Return to Nature for Spiritual Restoration

By Patrice Vecchione

Spending time in the natural world recharges us on a primal level, and you don't have to take a special trip to return to nature. Parks, green spaces and even vacant lots are all sources of direct contact with the earth.


Protecting Biodiversity in the Gombe National Park

By Jane Goodall, ed. George Wuerthner, Eileen Crist and Tom Butler

Protecting biodiversity is a matter of developing healthy relationships between people and the environments they live in.

The Hydraulic System: The ‘Vascular System’ of Plants

By Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola

A plant’s hydraulic system is comparable to a human’s vascular system. Not only that, but plants also possess other similarities to other living species on Earth.

The Politics of Extinction

By William deBuys

An introduction to the most beautiful animal you’ll never see.

Living Beauty

By Sandra Lubarsky, excerpted from Keeping the Wild: Against the Domestication of Earth

Recognizing beauty as much more than “skin deep” or “in the eye of the beholder.”