A Small Town and the Effects of Air Pollution

By Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

Gas power plant controversy in New York could repeat itself all over the country.

Rising Sea Levels are Changing Florida’s Gulf Coast

By Susan Cerulean

The natural landscape and indigenous species inhabiting the islands near Florida’s Gulf Coast are being threatened by rising sea levels due to a rapidly changing climate.

Environmental Ethics in a Post-Natural World

By Steven Vogel

Western environmental ethics place tremendous value on “natural” places to the detriment of the built environment most people inhabit. What might a philosophy that recognizes the value of human activity offer to environmentalism?

I Feel the Winds Changing: An Interview with Goldman Environmental Prize Winner Phyllis Omido

Utne Reader speaks with Phyllis Omido, one of the winners of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize.


Saved by the Sea

By David Helvarg

Journalist, diver and conservation activist David Helvarg reflects on a lifelong appreciation of all things oceanic.

Taming the Wilderness

By Christopher Ketcham, from Orion

To save wilderness, we may need to learn how to just leave it alone.

Keeping Wild Caves Secret

By Spencer Fleury, from Earth Island Journal

Cave lovers worry that sharing their passion just might kill it.

Water Feel: The Big Swim

By Carrie Saxifrage

Author Carrie Saxifrage writes of the physical triumph of a long distance trek in her environmental memoir “The Big Swim.”

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