Junk Food and the Myth of Choice


Food MythBusters, Mega Burger and the Myth of Choice
Corporations are pushing fast and processed foods, but our nation’s health still stands a chance. 

Fast food. We all know it’s bad for us, but somehow the lines outside drive-thru windows never seem to dwindle. Must be the delicious fries, right?

Maybe not, says Anna Lappé, author of Diet for a Hot Planet. While food corporations pile on sugar, salt, and fat to make fast and processed foods addictive, for many people these foods aren’t a choice as much as the only option. Aside from the $2 billion a year food corporations spend on ads enticing kids to nag parents for kids’ meals and sugar cereals, in communities where wholesome foods are unavailable or unaffordable, healthful options take a backseat to whatever parents can get.

The food is cheap, but Americans pay in another way, says Lappé in her latest video for Food MythBusters: with our health. By their mid-teens, one in three American kids is developing diabetes or already has it. Is it mere coincidence that a similar percentage of kids—almost one in three—eat fast food every day?

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