The Paleolithic Diet and Modern Hunter-Gatherer Tribes

By Ron Schmid, ND

This fresh look at Paleolithic and ancestral diets takes contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes into consideration.

Yelpers’ Opinions of Authentic Cuisine

By Dylan Gottlieb, from Gastronomica

Who’s on Yelp, and why should we read their restaurant reviews?

Gourmets: Handling Emotions with Food Obsessions

By Robert Anthony Siegel, from Tin House

Oedipus complex is best served well-done.

Pie (Best read aloud)

By Susan Bright

Meditate on the art of pie as you gather with friends and family this Thanksgiving holiday.


Hunting Glass Eels in Normandy

By Guy de la Valdène

Childhood fishing exploits in the moat of a French castle lead to midnight forays hunting glass eels.

Taking a Closer Look at the Local Food Supply Chain

By Robert P. King, Michael S. Hand and Miguel I. Gómez

The rapidly growing local food movement promises a range of public health benefits, such as lower carbon emissions and stronger local economies—but can local food supply chains actually generate these benefits?

Utne Reader Bookshelf: Food

A selection of books that pique our interest.

Viewing the Farming Industry Through 4-H

By Kiera Butler

The answer to connecting youngsters with the farming industry and improving agricultural education in the United States might lie with one of the country’s largest youth development organizations.

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