Local Food as an Extreme Sport and a Source of Community

By Vicki Robin

A challenge from a local farmer led Vicki Robin, author of "Your Money or Your Life", to eat only sustainable, ultra-local food for a month. Her experience with food sufficiency was fulfilling in more ways than just at the table.

Putting Income Inequality on the Table

By Katie Moore

A new study shows how the food gap is widening - and what can be done.

App-etite for Transparency

By Katie Moore

New apps uncover the companies behind the food we're buying.

A Dangerous Diet

By Katie Moore

A slightly extreme campaign wants to bring attention to the plight of refugees.


The Opportunities in Agritourism

By Katie Moore

Agritourism is a growing industry that benefits both curious visitors and farmers.

Understanding the Food System Week by Week

By Katie Moore

The Food List brings attention to a particular food topic to catalyze sustainability and accountability.

Peeling Back the Label

By Katie Moore

Behind the Brands ranks the ‘Big 10’ food companies based on seven different categories.

Back to the Kitchen: Escaping Processed Food

By Ken Albala

To escape the adverse effects of consuming industrial processed food, society must learn fundamental cooking skills once more.