Biking Route 66: Crockpot 08.03.12

| 8/3/2012 4:36:08 PM

Route 66 Santa Monica

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The new transpo bill may be disappointing for cyclists, but that doesn’t stop more and more people from getting interested in biking. And increasingly, that means universities and think tanks, says Pacific Standard. Ideas like bikeability and how cycling figures into class distinctions are gaining a big following on campuses throughout the country. North Carolina’s Lees-McGrae College even offers a cycling minor.

And Congress also looks pretty powerless to stop a new push for national bike routes led by nonprofits like the Adventure Cycling Association. Currently, six national routes are in the works across the lower 48, including—get this—Route 66, all the way from Chicago to LA, says Grist. The Great American Bike Trip, as its known, is still very much in the planning stage, but a nod last year from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials—comprised mostly of state DOT big wigs—was a big step forward. If all goes according to plan, the road trip of the 21st century could look very different.  


The Baffler’s Thomas Frank asks, how vibrant is your city? And, more to the point, who cares?

Daniel Resch
8/9/2012 1:41:01 AM

I'm a great fan of bicycling and Route 66. Sadly, though, with 2400 miles of historical road, and nearly a century of impact on American history and culture, the photo used to head the article is a misleading sign, originally concocted for a movie, and recently ressurected by people who want to pretend Rt 66 ended at the Santa Monica Pier, which it never did. There is so much REAL history along the fabled "Mother Road", we scarecly need to give any credence to phoney signs and fantasies.

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