Crockpot: Immigration Edition


Statue of Liberty FogLast Saturday, Hispanic Heritage Month officially began. For 25 years, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and a host of other museums and groups have celebrated Hispanic and Latino contributions to American history and culture. But this year’s celebrations are especially bittersweet, says Jose Miguel Leyva in the Progressive, when we consider the realities immigrants continue to face. After years of soaring rhetoric and patient activism, Latinos are “still being taken for granted by politicians of both parties.” The Obama administration in particular, despite inclusive language and a recent much-touted executive order, has pursued some of the most draconian immigration policies in decades, Leyva says. Most young immigrants lacking papers will be ineligible for “deferred action,” as well as Obamacare. “Latinos deserve substantive actions,” says Leyva, “not the hollow promises of politicians trying to curry favor with us at election time.”


Want to protect voting rights? There’s an app for that, says Maegan E. Ortiz in Colorlines. Pennsylvania’s voter ID law might well be toast, but laws in other states could still disenfranchise millions of voters. That’s why minority communities across the country are using social media to register, inform, and support as many voters as possible between now and November, says Ortiz. Campaigns like Native Vote use Facebook and webinars to boost Native Americans’ typically low turnout, while Nuestra Elección! aims to target eligible Spanish-speakers and curb voter suppression.


Despite the unprecedented drop in immigration from Mexico since 2000, deportations have reached an all-time high. A new report from the Department Homeland Security shows that last year, the government deported nearly 400,000 undocumented immigrants, says Common Dreams. According to ICE records, that number has been growing quickly in recent years, up from 291,000 in 2007. 


9/27/2012 7:08:53 PM

@ Linux Lewis Neither the USA, nor Canada has ever been an 'ALL & ONLY White' country. At least up until now they have both a rather colourful mixture of shades, a situation that I hope will remain so for the foreseeable future. Or are you suggesting that woried folks, such as yourselves, should move to Africa and/or Asia to sort of, you know, even up the imbalance a little? Cheers, all.

Linux Lewis
9/23/2012 1:00:47 AM

Could any sane person not realize that flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with non-Whites and telling everyone to "assimilate" to create a blended humanity is White genocide? Africa will still be full of Africans and Asia will still be full of Asians. Only White children will suffer from this. It is genocide plain and simple! Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

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